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We hope that you have enjoyed reviewing our catering selections and services. The options represent our most popular choices, but we pride ourselves on fulfilling our clients’ needs by listening, envisioning and creating events that meet your personal style and budget.

Booking Your Function
Even if the date or guest count of your event is only tentative, please notify our catering sales office of your upcoming event as soon as possible, so that we can make preliminary plans to ensure a memorable occasion. Our catering specialists are here to assist you with your event details by website:
By phone (985) 448-4514 or email:

Facility Reservations
Room reservations are made with the administrative program specialist for Nicholls State University. Please reserve your function space by calling (985) 448-4533.
Please reserve other things you may need to achieve a successful event:

  • Guest tables and chairs
  • Food service tables
  • Audio visual equipment
  • Trash cans

These items are requested through the event department when booking your space. Our catering specialists can assist you with determining the number of tables you will need for the catering portion of your setup.

Food and Beverage
The menus provided are just a sample of what we can do for your event. Please keep in mind that these are suggestions and we will be happy to customize a menu that might better suit your event and or dietary needs. Food arrangements and other event details should be made at least two weeks in advance of your function.

Guest Counts and Menu Changes
Your event is booked with an attendance estimate. We request a more firm attendance estimate ten (10) business days prior to your event; however, your final and guaranteed guest count and event changes must be provided 4 business days prior to the event so that we can best serve you. If no confirmed guaranteed attendance is provided, the most recent provided estimate serves as your guarantee.
At the conclusion of your event, you will be billed for the guarantee number, or the actual guest attendance, whichever is greater. A catering event order will confirm your final guarantee number.

Standard deliveries and pick-ups are made at your convenience. Please allow 30 minutes before and after your guest arrival and departure for delivery and pick up. Due to unknown circumstances, please give the catering department a 15 minute window for deliveries. Please arrange for building and room availability prior to your event; our service staff does not have keys to campus buildings. Please also arrange for tables and trash bins for your event. Delivery fees may apply depending on location. Upon pick up, equipment that is missing or damaged may incur a replacement fee. Our catering specialist will assist you with this information. A catering event order will confirm all of these details of your event and will serve as your contractual agreement.

An approved method of payment is required prior to your event in order to confirm all details. We accept Credit cards, Cash, and checks made out to Sodexo . Sales tax will be applied for all non-university groups. A tax exempt certificate will be requested prior to the event date. A 75% deposit for larger, non university events may be requested at management’s discretion.

Event Amenities
We can be of assistance in many areas of service to enhance your event. We can offer a wide variety of specialty linens, tables, chairs and décor options for additional fees. Please note that certain items may be limited for events booked in a short period of time, however we will do our best to assist with your vision and provide our expert recommendations.

Please let us know if you would prefer china service at your event. We can inform you of pricing on china service. A catering event order will confirm all of these details of your event and will serve as your contractual agreement.

All Sodexo catered events where we provide the food or catered service do include standard linens in white for draping of food service tables. Additional fees may be required to pay for any additional linen or skirting needed. Any linen that must be rented will be charged back to the customer. Linens for guest tables / dining tables and other services can be provided at an additional charge. We are happy to accommodate your décor theme; please discuss linen colors when booking your event. A catering event order will confirm all of these details of your event and will serve as your contractual agreement. A replacement charge will be assessed for any linen that is missing or damaged.

Catering Equipment
We offer a full range of catering equipment to provide a professional image while serving your event. A quote for rental equipment can be provided for any service items not available through our department. All event equipment must be returned / picked up at the conclusion of your event. A replacement charge will be assessed for any missing or damaged equipment, decorations or service ware.

Floral and Décor Services
We are happy to assist with ordering, receiving and handling of floral and décor requests. A quote will be provided based on your décor preferences. Should you wish for us to handle your floral and decor needs, the total charges including taxes and a 15% service fee will be assessed.

Guests with Food Allergies, or Special Requests
We are proud to offer fresh and tasty menu options to accommodate all guests. Our culinary staff is happy to produce a customized menu with options to accommodate food allergies or special diet requests. Please discuss your menu preferences with our catering specialist.

Prices reflect food and beverage minimum orders. Food and beverage minimums may apply. Labor fees may apply to buffet functions, reception style functions, plated meal functions, and delivery to certain locations on campus.

All changes or cancellations referring to the menu, guest count or event arrangements must be confirmed 4 business days prior to the event starting time in writing. All cancellations made within three business days notice may be charged for any and all food, beverage, labor and / or third party event arrangements that have been committed to the event. If the university closes due to inclement weather, all catering events are automatically cancelled.

Food Safety
Due to food safety regulations it is our policy that there will be no carry out of perishable food or beverages not consumed from your event.

Alcohol Safety
If alcoholic beverages are to be served on the premises, we will require that beverages be purchased and dispensed only through approved Sodexo certified employees and bartenders. According to our alcoholic beverage license, we require to (a) request proper identification (photo ID) of any person of questionable age, and (b) refuse alcoholic beverage service to any person who appears intoxicated. All food and beverage staff members are certified in serving alcohol with care. Bartender and cashier fees may apply. Please note that you must adhere to Nichools State University alcohol policies as well.

All student groups and/or organizations serving or permitting alcoholic beverages at any campus event must use the designated university food service contractor (Sodexo) for cash bar services. Events serving alcoholic beverages must be approved by the appropriate university offices and then ordered through the designated university food service contractor at least one week prior to the event. The following procedures should be followed:

  • A Student Organization Activity Request Approval Form, stating that the group and/or organization is requesting cash bar services, must be completed, approved, and on file in the Student Life Office and the Office of Union Services.
  • The student organization must then reserve all university facilities through the Office of Union Services and Facilities.
  • Once the first two steps are completed, the student group must take a copy of the approved Facility Reservation and Activity Form that will be issued and stamped by the Office of Union Services, to the campus
  • At student events, in which alcoholic beverages are sold and/or consumed, University Police officer(s)are required to be on duty throughout the function. The Director of University Police shall determine the number of officers needed based on the projected estimate of attendance and other pertinent information. The cost of University Police labor will be paid by the student organization hosting the event.

Please note that all of the steps listed above must be completed at least one week prior to the event.

General Policies

  • Any person who purchases or consumes alcoholic beverages shall be of legal age, 21 years old. Proof of age shall be required at the time of purchase, entry into the event or at any time of the event, including during consumption, by authorized university or law enforcement officials.
  • Students and their guests will be required to show age identification and will be “banded” as a visible means of identifying legal drinking age guests. All event participants are required to sign in as they enter the facility.
  • There must be a university adviser or designated representative and a non-drinking organization officer who will assist with any problems that might arise during the event including discipline or assistance if a guest should be asked to leave.
  • The serving and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages will not be allowed at any student organization event open to the public. An open event is an activity where participation and attendance is not limited to members, their immediate family and individual dates/escorts.
  • Student organizations are responsible for paying bartender labor. Please contact the catering office for current charges.
  • No BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) events are allowed.
  • Beverage containers may not be brought into the event nor may they be taken out of the event.
  • Events in which alcoholic beverages are being served cannot be scheduled longer than four hours in length. When the event is scheduled for more than two hours the cash bar will be closed the last hour of the event.
  • Food, in sufficient quantity, must be available through out the duration of the event. The food items must be more substantial than just chips and dip.
  • When alcoholic beverages are being sold, provided, consumed, etc. the designated university food service contractor (Sodexo) will be the sole vendor and must provide all beverages, including non-alcoholic ones.
  • The designated university food service contractor (Sodexo) reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who appears to be intoxicated.
  • The designated university food service contractor (Sodexo) reserves the right to discontinue service in the event of inappropriate actions by members of the organization(s).
  • The designated university food service contractor (Sodexo) reserves the right to discontinue service if alcohol, other than the beverages provided by the designated university food service contractor, are present.
  • The designated university food service contractor (Sodexo) reserves the right to discontinue service if the approved university adviser leaves or refuses to assist with violations of the university policies.
  • The designated university food service contractor (Sodexo) will discontinue service if directed to do so by the Dean of Student Life or Director of Union Services and Facilities (or other designated representatives).
  • No unopened cans or containers of alcoholic beverage shall be sold. Beverages must be consumed in the room or area in which served.
  • Clear tumblers will be used at all events in which alcohol is being served. Party or occasion cups will not be used at functions in which alcohol is being served without the appropriate approval and coordination with the designated university food service contractor.
  • Participating organization(s) and/or individuals will be held responsible for any damages to university or the designated university food service contractor (Sodexho) owned property by member(s) and/or guest(s) of the organization(s) during the time of the event, including set-up and clean-up.
  • Forty-eight hours of notification is required to cancel an event or the organization risks being charged for supplies that cannot be returned.

Please Note:

Students are encouraged to follow these suggestions:

  • If alcohol is being served, drink in a responsible manner and in moderation.
  • Offer a designated driver program at all events in which alcoholic beverages are being served.
  • Always designate non-drinking officers/members to handle situations or make decisions throughout the event.
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